Công nghệ cho cuộc sống thăng hạng
Công nghệ cho cuộc sống thăng hạng
Công nghệ cho cuộc sống thăng hạng
Taiwan Excellence

Taiwan Excellence is an initiative set out by the Bureau of International Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China (MOEA) and the Republic of China Foreign Trade Development Association (TAITRA) to stimulate technology advancement, creative innovation as well as international trade opportunities for Taiwanese industries.

This year at Vietnam ICTCOMM 2022, Taiwan Excellence will introduce several break-through innovations from 20 leading Taiwanese enterprises, covering ICT, Smart Living as well as Technology and Solutions fields. All showcasing innovations are encapsulated with the most up-to-date technology, exerting high functionality and premium experience for its users. Joining in this year’s Vietnam ICTCOMM, participants will be promised the experience of a modern, innovative lifestyle through a wide variety of high quality products.

Join us now at Vietnam ICT COMM 2022 @ Taiwan Excellence pavilion!

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